Tele-psychogeriatric program uses tele-psychiatric technology in order to ameliorate elderly’s mental health.

Elderly people constitute a significant proportion of the population that needs specialized mental health care. It is estimated that in 2025 the elderly will represent one third of the European population. Greece is the third country in Europe with the highest proportion of elderly people, which is about 19%.

Purposes of the program
Development of tele-psycho-geriatric clinics in remote geographical areas that lack qualified personnel with experience in mental health problems of the elderly.

Clinics’ interconnection with the Psychogeriatric Unit of the 1st Department of Psychiatry in Eginition Hospital as well as personnel’s continuous education in the diagnosis and treatment of dementia, mild cognitive impairment and depression.

The program is directed to:
Elderly with symptoms of depression, mild cognitive impairment and dementia.

Families of elderly people with depression.

Families of elderly people with mild, moderate or severe dementia.

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